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Stay Flexible With Yoga

Flexibility is perhaps the most important part of a healthy life. We as humans are a unique combination of joints with all our organs simply hanging on to those joints/ bones. Hata yoga not only ensures that you have the necessary flexibility to completely enjoy your life, it also ensures that you body is always at ease with itself.

Effect of Raw Diet on Flexibility

The difference with weight training and other reparative exercises and physical aspect of yoga is that yoga doesn’t reduces but enhances your joint flexibility. Not just your body, it  makes you more flexible, emotionally and mentally too. We say in yoga that flexibility is the first step towards achieving better health results. We regularly do many open air sessions in parks all around leamington spa, focusing on flexibility.

If you are suffering from a joint pain or any other flexibility issues, this may provide you the necessary help. Though not a medical prescription by regularly practicing yoga you may experience visible results. We have also seen in many cases that attaining flexibility is the first step towards weight loss.

If you are from Leamington Spa or Coventry, you may be entitled for a Free Yoga Consultation

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Purified Body, Mind and Soul

Are we just the body, or just the mind, or something more. 

We are like most animals on earth, we eat, we sleep, reproduce and die. But at the same time we do things that most of the animals(while few can ) can’t do. Like we smile, we create tools, we love and much more.

According to ancient yogic science, human existence is made up in layers, many layers. Few of the layers are physical in nature, few others driven by thoughts and emotions, while many of energy.

When we grow we collect many things from this planet, thats how an infant quickly gains twice or more of its weight in few weeks. While initially much of this collection is physical in nature, once we have grown as adults, it changes to thoughts, values, emotions and even energies. Effect of raw diet on cleansing

Yoga is a process of removing or cleansing ourselves of all that we have accumulated as a life. Why is this important? Let me give you a very gross example, imagine you have not taken a dump for days, because you simply don’t know how to take one but at the same time you keep on accumulation more and more. Yoga removes everything from you that you are not. You will slowly start to feel a new vibrant you, one you may have never experienced before.

If you are from Leamington Spa and Coventry, you may be entitled for a Free Yoga Consultation

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