What are life energies ?

Ever wondered why in some places you feel wonderful while in others yo do not feel the same way. Why on some mornings you are energetic and lively while on other you are dull and tired. The reason may be ‘Life Energies’.

Science has proven that everything in this universe is nothing but some form of energy. My question is, if everything in the universe in energy, how can you be any different. I know it may be a little too heavy to get it for now but please lets assume you are a form or kind of energy or a wave of energy.

Science also tell us that two energy waves are either repelling or opposing in nature or are supporting or constructive in nature. So that gives us a conclusion that if we are a form of an energy that may get supportive or destructive effect from our surroundings. This is very important in yoga, specially KRIYA YOGA that we teach.

If you are still having difficulties getting it, just do an experiment. When you are really low or are in a very bad temper, try eating a fruit (Effect of raw diet on emotions and energies)(if its before sunset) or take a walk near a tree or if thats not possible, simple sit beside a ‘growing’ plant in your house or locality for some time.

Just doing this simple experiment, you will gradually witness a change or upliftment in your mood and your body energy. There are other more intense form of energy meditations that we teach you with which you can slowly control your emotions and much later even your energies.

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