Yoganic offers over 60 Yoga practices each designed to suit your current mind, body and soul needs. A little about us. Yoganic is the brain child of Deepshikha, an otherwise IT professional who spend more half a decade researching vedic techniques and using them as a ways to destress mind, body and soul of people who because of their busy schedules had less to non time for themselves. She carefully crafted programs combining ancient vedic techniques with modern science nutrition values. Her greatest achievement is herself, reducing 3 stones (40 Ib), mitigating thyroid issues and sky rocketing from depression medication to conducting de-stressing corporate and couple workshop. She firmly believes if she can, everyone can and should !


We offer a wide variety of practices


Standing De-stress asanas (postures)

Every realised that when you are stressed you stand or sit in a particular patter than when you are happy. Upa yoga approaches this body attribute in the reverse order, it makes you stand or sit in a particular way in order to feel a deep sense of calm. This is a 10 minutes practice that will take you approx 90 minutes to leave and one that you can easily do everyday.
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Sitting and haunching Awareness asanas (postures)

Our body carves for stretching and that is one reasons that our body automatically do certain stretching poses when we get up in the morning. Using ancient Vedic yogic knowledge we have designed a sequence of Stretching postures that can give bring you in the "moment".
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Laying down anxiety reduction asana (postures)

Why do we require sleep, if it is just relaxing our organs then simple laying down could have done the job but we need deep sleep in order to rejuvenate. Ever wondered why? You need to loose the team and the only time you are not a control freak is when you are fast asleep. Using  vedic 'shavasanas' we carefully experimented onto our self and other volunteers, to create a process that produces same effect as a 8 hour sleep, effectively reducing anxiousness in your mind and body.
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All the life on this plant can be attributed to the Sun, so why should your life be any different. Not just for nutrition, your body is connect with the sun in many layers. Psychologically, physically and in terms of life energies we share a deep bond with our star. Surya kriya just enhances this bond and makes you actually experience the power inside yourself. It also balance the masculine & feminine parts or the Yin & Yan or the Sun and the Moon in us. How we are related to moon? Every heard of high and low tide, a hint, we are more than 70% water.
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Science states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it simply keeps changing its form from one to another. Science also states that everything in this Universe originated in energy. If that's the case, how can we be anything else than a particular form or kind of energy. Energies are not good or bad but they are either complimenting in nature or opposing. Bandhas are ancient yogic ways of deliberating converting lower states of energy into higher life energies. This is very difficult to explain but can we easily experienced after one mandala (40 days ) of practice.

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Every wondered why most of the vertebrates have a vertical symmetry. Take a cow for example, you can divide her into two symmetrical halves vertically, so is the case with most of  vertebras including you. It is because there are two you inside you, the left brain and right brain you or the creative and the practical you. Hata yoga brings about the necessary balance in you so that you are not tilted in any directions thereby dissipating most of your life energies.


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Imagine, if on a not so fine day you loose your both of your hands and legs, will you continue to be 'you' or would be half of you. But if we do that with a chair or table, it would become half of a chair or table. Also when you were a kid and didn't have so much of 'learnings' that you have now, were you, you or somebody different. Its really funny that you can't really feel it but you are much much more than just your body and mind. Isha kriya expands you awareness beyond your body and mind. It creates a very calming experience with a very stable peaceful state in you. You will be able to feel your body and your mind as tools given to 'you' rather than being all that you are.

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From few pounds, as a infant you have grown up to be full grown adult. You did this by converting food into you. When you eat an apple it converts into you but when a cow eats an apple it converts into a cow. So there is some intelligence that is much more advance than converting one type of organic chemical into another. Using Vedic knowledge we can understand the effect a particular food does to our life energies and depending on 'you' suggest food options.

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